My Story

Merle Palmer Scottish Genealogist
Originally from Fife, the country where my father’s ancestors lived and worked, employed in the weaving and farming industries. I continued my education at Aberdeen and Glasgow Caledonian Universities. After many years working and living in England we moved back to Perthshire and now live only a few miles from the estate where my grandfather worked as a gamekeeper in the 1930s

My First Family Tree

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One of my earliest memories is of my Grandmother telling stories of her life that began in rural Aberdeenshire at the turn of the Twentieth century. It kindled a passion that grew over the years as I researched our own family.

A journey that has gone beyond the boundaries of Scotland as the family moved for work or in search or an improved standard of living in Canada, USA, Africa and Australasia.

Family History Skills

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Through my own research, I am familiar with a wide range of resources for Scotland, England and beyond. Some examples of the research I have undertaken includes tracing the history of a Quaker family from Surrey to Glasgow; locating records for Prisoner of War camps and tracing descendants in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

With a post-graduate diploma in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies from Strathclyde University you can be assured of a professional methodical approach.  Committed to continual professional development, membership includes a number of Local History and Genealogy Societies; Scottish Record Association, Women’s History Scotland, Scottish Business Archives, Scottish Genealogy Network, Register of Qualified Genealogists and the Association of Professional Genealogists and adhere to the APG Code of Ethics.